Size Guide

Just like clothing, jewelry comes in many sizes. Below you will find a helpful jewelry sizing guide to if you are unsure what size you are or the person you are buying for.

Ring Size

To find the correct ring size there are a few options. If you have a ring you can use follow the steps below. If you are buying a gift for someone make sure you know what finger they wear the ring you are measuring.

  1. How To Use a Ring That Already Fits:  

    Print out the Jewelry Bliss Ring Size Guide and place your ring against the circle images. Find the images that your ring lines up against perfectly. The number on the inside is your ring size.
  2. Measure Your Finger: 

    Take a piece of string or cut a thin (1/4 Inch Thick) piece of paper. Wrap it around your finger. Mark with a marker or pen where the string or paper intersect. After you measure your finger take that measurement and measure it against the lines in the Jewelry Bliss Ring Size Guide. the number to the left of the line is your ring size.
  3. Use a Ruler: 

    In this step your going to measure the diameter of an existing ring. With the millimeter side of the ruler measure the distance of the inside of the ring. Match the measured number with the corresponding number on the Jewelry Bliss Ring Size Guide and you will find your ring size.

      If Your Buying  Gift

      If you are trying to buy some one a gift and surprise them and your able to measure one of there rings, please keep in mind the finger they wear that ring on. Each finger will have a different size and if your unsure if you have the correct size, it is always better to buy a half or even a full size bigger. The last ting you want when giving a gift is for it to not fit. Buying bigger guarantees the ring will go on.


      Pendant Necklace Sizing

      Necklace and pendants come in a range of sizes. The most common size being 16 Inches and 18 Inches.

      14"  Fits most as a choker
      16" Common size that fits perfectly at the base of the neck
      18" Common size that sits below the base of the neck. Still visible with an open collar
      20" Will lay a few inches below the base of the neck. Great for a plunge neck
      22" Sits below most neck lines for a deep plunge
      24" Commonly found with pearls and beads sits below the neckline
      30" Commonly found with pearls and beads sits below the neckline
      36" Commonly found with pearls and beads. Can be double to create a layered 18" look


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